Parenting Time


If you are searching for a visitation attorney and parenting time attorney in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and the surrounding Detroit area, you’ve come to the right place.  At the Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper, there are decades of experience in practicing Michigan custody law cases and Michigan Visitation cases.

Parenting time and visitation have significance in respect to the bond you will have with your children beyond your separation with the other parent.  The amount of Parenting time and visitation also has a significant impact on how child support is calculated.  Sometimes, this will result in the parties in disagreement over the parenting time schedule when the discover the child support implications.

The nature and degree of parenting time and visitation disputes vary from case to case, and can become more severe when parents start to use the children as pawns and in a type of tug-of-war.  Some parents will even withhold children from the other parent and even try to change their domicile out of the State of Michigan.  When this is done before a case is filed in Court, it becomes even more difficult to have the children returned.  If there is a hint that you and your children could be subjected to such circumstances, you should contact the Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper immediately to nullify improper conduct and to obtain the best possible results for what you seek for you and your children.

To ensure that you and your children are well protected, it is essential that you have professional, experienced legal counsel on your side.

The Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper, we are sensitive to how important an issue this can be, and offer decades of experience in keeping families intact.  We bring expert knowledge of Michigan law to the table, and the experience in the courtroom with the Judges, and have the experience of  how to best represent your interests to the Court.

Let the Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper work to ensure that what the court defines as your child’s “best interest” is what you seek as well.