Uncontested Divorces



Occasionally, spouses are able to agree on how they would like to handle alimony, spousal support, child custody, and division of property.  This result is an uncontested divorce.  This process is typically faster and less expensive than a contested divorce.  However, a skilled Michigan Divorce Lawyer still remains valuable to negotiate any unexpected disputes, and to complete the proper paperwork, ensuring issues will not be contested in the future.  At the Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper, you would benefit from 20 years of experience working through the details to create a divorce agreement that will satisfy the court and your needs.

Many times spouses who initially agree on details like child support, division of marital property, child custody and more, suddenly find they are no longer in agreement.  In suchcases, the Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper can sort through the best way to proceed.